HSBC Archives Gallery virtual tour

Thu 08 Jul 2021 Company News

Today saw the launch of the HSBC Archives Gallery virtual tour. This gallery tells the story of HSBC’s roots and growth in Hong Kong. Visit the displays and discover some unexpected treasures from The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

HSBC’s Archives are one of the most important business collections in the world. They reflect the colourful and eventful history of HSBC – the core of annual reports, minute books and accounting ledgers is supplemented by a huge variety of material which records how staff lived and worked, and the business environments in which customers operated. The archives include letters, photographs, cartoons, films, advertising, banknotes, architectural drawings and interviews with staff – all of which can shed light on the social, economic and political history of those communities and countries where HSBC has done business.

The archives of HSBC are open to the public, by appointment, and are used by researchers for a huge variety of reasons including family history; business, economic and social history; architectural research; and background research for radio and television programmes.

The HSBC Archives Gallery virtual tour allows you to access the beautifully crafted display cases, as well as intuitive interactive technology, to tell the story of HSBC’s rich and eventful heritage in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region through rare objects.

From knife coins thousands of years old to Japanese prisoner of war diaries to a global virtual archive, the Gallery takes visitors on a journey to learn about the bank’s invaluable contributions to Hong Kong and makes them feel connected to the people who played their parts.