HSBC Global Connections

Mon 11 Sep 2023 Company News

We were asked by HSBC Archives to provide some replica artefacts for their Global Connections gala dinner in Singapore’s National Gallery.

The “HSBC Global Connections Gallery” used these archival materials to celebrate longstanding client relationships around Asia. Within this historical context, leading speakers discussed the growth opportunities in Southeast Asia and across Asia Pacific, visiting some of the region’s most interesting businesses. The 3-day event that demonstrates how HSBC facilitate international business by building connections and shares the latest insights from key experts.

With the help of our partners Sugar HK, we produced a beautifully crafted ledger and series of bank notes that conveyed the legacy of HSBC’s legacy without risking damage to the original objects.

“International connectivity is the reason why we, as a bank, exist. It’s demonstrated in our local knowledge and our presence with teams on the ground across all regions, and most importantly, it’s the reason our customers work with us – because we can help them achieve their own international ambitions,” said Andrew Beane, Head of Commercial Banking, Europe, HSBC. These artefacts are testimony to that historical and ongoing connectivity.

The “Global Connections” campaign was launched globally in 2015, with a focus on key markets such as the UK, US, and Hong Kong. The “Global Connections” campaign has been a huge success for HSBC, generating a significant increase in website traffic and social media engagement. The bank also saw a substantial increase in the number of new accounts opened as a result of the campaign. HSBC’s “Global Connections” campaign successfully demonstrated the bank’s global reach and expertise, helping to position it as a strategic partner for businesses operating on an international level. By using a multi-channel approach and measuring the success of the campaign through a variety of metrics, HSBC was able to achieve its goals and generate significant results.