Marketing features Swire’s exhibition

Tue 31 Aug 2021 Company News

Marketing features Swire’s exhibition ‘Believe in Hong Kong’ giving special focus to the final zone, “Realising Potential”, that outlines the work of HK$150 million Swire Trust which has been established to celebrate Swire’s anniversary.

As it states, “Curated over a two-year period, the exhibition combines historic artefacts and photographs alongside fun and engaging interactive experiences, to show how Swire’s pioneering businesses have helped put Hong Kong on the map as a global commercial and aviation hub.” In the online article, Guy Bradley, newly appointed chairman of John Swire & Sons said: “This exhibition aims to take visitors along on Swire’s 150-year journey in Hong Kong, from a trading and shipping business to a respected international conglomerate. Our history is inextricably linked with this city’s growth and success and today, Swire businesses touch the lives of most Hong Kong people: as a developer and landlord, as an airline operator, manufacturer, and retailer – as well as an employer. We are committed long-term investors – not just in our businesses, but also in Hong Kong people,” he said.

Bradley also added that the exhibition reflects the company’s confidence in the future of Hong Kong and its determination to see this city thrive for the long-term.