T-Park Environmental Education Centre

Hong Kong

Sludge. How to make it interesting? We created an interactive journey for visitors to learn the importance for reducing landfill and the process of incinerating waste.

Project Details

T-Park, one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced sludge treatment facilities, treats up to 2,000 tons of sludge per day. Fully energy and water self-sufficient, the treatment process reduces 90% of the sludge volume, easing the pressure on Hong Kong’s landfills.

A key feature is the 800m2 Environmental Education Centre, which explains the need for, the technology behind, and the operation of the facility, featuring a mix of multimedia programs, interactive models and static displays. A digital tablet allows guides to control the tour programme in 3 languages.

“The STF is a visionary facility forging an ambitious step forward to a more sustainable Hong Kong.” World Engineers Summit, 2017