New museums and heritage tourism book

Sat 11 Mar 2023 Company News Industry News Opinion

A new museums and heritage tourism book by Winkle-picker Managing Director Chris White will be published by Routledge in April 2023. Entitled Museums and heritage tourism: theory, practice and people, it examines the symbiotic relationship between museums, heritage attractions and tourism, using a range of international case studies.

Divided into three clear sections, the author first outlines a theoretical framework for understanding the role of museums in heritage tourism, before addressing practical challenges of interpretation, design and pandemic response. Finally, he traces the development of museum and heritage attraction design through the key figures of John Ruskin, James Gardner and Alex McCuaig. Each chapter incorporates a key case study, with an international scope including examples from Hong Kong, the UK, Taiwan, Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait. It is an essential introduction for undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in museum studies, heritage studies, and tourism management.

Museums and heritage tourism has been given great reviews by two of the leading academics in the field of cultural and heritage tourism:

“This important book is one of the first to integrate museum heritage and tourism. It examines the issue from a deep conceptual foundation and then translates this knowledge into a range of practical applications that are suitable for practitioners, students and the academic community. Written by a true global expert with many years of international experience, Museum and Heritage Tourism: Theory, Practice & People is a must-have resource.” Professor Bob McKercher, University of Queensland.

“This unique and erudite book provides valuable insight into the crossover between museums, heritage and tourism. It is a welcome addition to the growing literature in heritage tourism studies and brings to light many of the challenges and opportunities associated with museum management and design, heritage management, and tourism. This work is a valuable asset to students and scholars throughout the world.” Professor Dallen Timothy, Arizona State University.

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