Mon 22 Jun 2020 Industry News

UOW in Global Top 200

The University of Wollongong (UOW), parent institution of UOW College Hong Kong, has achieved a major strategic goal – to be ranked in the Global Top 200.

Mon 22 Jun 2020 Industry News

Great Fire of London in Minecraft

You can explore the streets of London in 1666 before it was devastated by the Great Fire


Due to the closure of museums by COVID-19, there is a lot of talk (and inevitably much will be lip service) to the idea of taking museums online. But how will this work? Will it be more than just museum catalogues online? How can museums actually enhance people’s experiences and aid learning outside of a social space? Well, the Museum of London has come up with a solution and I suspect its inception pre-dates the Coronavirus – the Great Fire of London in Minecraft.

Mon 08 Jun 2020 Industry News

Museums vs COVID-19 by UNESCO

Some museums closed during the health crisis of 2020 will never open again.

UNESCO recently launched its report on museums vs COVID-19 which is the result of an in-depth international survey of museums, culture professionals and Member States about the impact of COVID-19 on the museum sector.