Fri 21 Nov 2008 Opinion

2nd Singapore Biennale 2008: the wonder of Singapore

The 2nd Singapore Biennale 2008, which finished on 16th November, took ‘wonder’ as its theme this year. Following the success of the inaugural show in 2006 that included 95 artists and attracted over 883,000 visitors, this year was a more tightly curated affair with 66 artists and art collectives from more than 35 countries and regions – including an impressive smattering from Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Palestine. Spread over five venues, I was only able to visit one of the sites – City Hall.

Mon 20 Oct 2008 Opinion

Firing the imagination

It must have been some time in 1972 that my father took me to the Museum of London (obviously the old one at London Wall). I was six.