Thu 17 Feb 2022 Company News

Tourist views on Tai Kwun

It’s hard to believe that it is nearly 4 years since the Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts opened in Hong Kong. A year after it opened we took the temperature of the views of the most important people in the whole process – the visitors. So, three years later we thought we would take a look at Tripadvisor to see tourist views on Tai Kwun, especially the museum-y elements of the experience ….

Thu 25 Nov 2021 Company News

HSBC’s new Wealth Centre featured in SCMP

Today’s South China Morning Post has reported that HSBC has recently expanded its high-net-worth client service network with the opening of the new HSBC Wealth Centre at K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside. 

Wed 03 Nov 2021 Company News

HSBC release video featuring Winkle-picker’s work

Our work for the Heritage Corridor in HSBC’s new Wealth Centre at K11 Atelier Victoria Dockside features prominently in a new video released by HSBC.

Tue 31 Aug 2021 Company News

Marketing features Swire’s exhibition

Marketing features Swire’s exhibition ‘Believe in Hong Kong’ giving special focus to the final zone, “Realising Potential”, that outlines the work of HK$150 million Swire Trust which has been established to celebrate Swire’s anniversary.

Fri 27 Aug 2021 Company News

Swire exhibition featured in The Standard

The Swire exhibition ‘Believe in Hong Kong’ based on Winkle-picker’s Interpretive Plan was launched today and featured in the Hong Kong newspaper The Standard.

Mon 16 Aug 2021 Company News

Swire’s 150th Anniversary in Hong Kong

The exhibition based on our Interpretive Plan to celebrate Swire’s 150th Anniversary in Hong Kong will launch on 27th August.

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