From inception to completion, we bring over 30 years’ of strategic knowledge in planning cultural and heritage tourism policy and projects.

Cultural and heritage tourism policy and planning

Author of two books on cultural and heritage tourism, Chris White brings a wealth of experience to the planning of large scale cultural and heritage tourism consultancy. From brown field sites to heritage revitalisation projects, it is important to ensure that the concerns of all stakeholders and communities are built into the project from the start so that its cultural and heritage component moves forward at the same pace as the commercial and architectural aspects. We act as experienced strategic planning advisors and advocates for the cultural and heritage elements of major tourism projects.

Museums and heritage sites

Museums and heritage sites are the opera of design. They encompass the full range of creative talents from graphic, audiovisual, 3D, UI, sculpture, immersive media design – even aquaria, zoology and taxidermy! Drawing on over 30 years’ of experience working on projects from start to finish, we bring a specialist understanding of what it takes to deliver design vision and meaningful storytelling to your intended audiences. We will provide strategic consultancy to your project management team at key points along the process including initiation and brief creation, appointment and team building, stage definitions and approvals, tendering and procurement, production supervision and quality control, and completion.

Architectural heritage

Whether it be a new building in an area redolent with history or an old building with historical value, we provide the research that can act as a springboard for heritage advice, architectural proposals and conservation recommendations. Each building or site requires a tailored research approach in order to make its story speak. Some buildings may have abundant archives, while others require more physical analysis onsite. The collective memory of those who lived or worked there can bring real meaning to dry walls. We trace and thread together a historical narrative with evidence of the building’s significance to inspire the design team and underpin the importance of their work.